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Welcome to the homepage for the Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF), Inc. This page, and/or the new website (noted below), were last updated on May 19, 2020.

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With the CoronaVirus Concerns, since dancers were taught (as I heard one caller say it) ''AT&T -- reach out and touch someone''...I know many dancers are uneasy about getting out among other people...whether for dances at clubs, as well as Special Dances. An email blast awhile back to subscribers of the e-Edition...which includes this letter from the ASSDF Board (PLEASE READ, AND DISCUSS WITH YOUR CLUBS), and this file from the Centers For Disease Control. And, an information file from the United Square Dancers Of America is located here.

Due to the CoronaVirus, ALL ASSDF CLUBS IN ARKANSAS HAVE SUSPENDED DANCING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Some cities have had mid-evening and overnight curfews, precluding night-time activities...and I understand that monetary fines for curfew violations are rather expensive.

However, as the COVID-19 restrictions are SLOWLY LESSENED, individual clubs may resume dancing again. This decision is based on directives from Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, city and county governors and mayors, and the Arkansas Health when the respective facilities allow clubs to dance again. If dancers wish to dance, it is their option to wear masks (and gloves)...but obviously, if dancers aren't feeling well, or are understandably leery of dancing too soon, they should stay home. The individual clubs and contacts can be found here...and once the directives, and facilities owners allow clubs to resume dancing, it is up to each of them to make the decision on that.

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